• Question: do you like your job and why

    Asked by disabledballs to Yannick, Tris, Calum, Calum on 19 Nov 2020. This question was also asked by mollieM, Dariag, Meriam R.
    • Photo: Tris Warren

      Tris Warren answered on 19 Nov 2020:

      I do like my job – I like that I get to work on lots of different projects and I get to do a wide range of different things. One day I might be working building some electronics in the lab to control the seismometer we built for a mission to Mars. The next day I might be modelling how hot the lunar surface gets to find where there might be water or I might be in the cleanroom running a thermal vacuum chamber to test a totally different space instrument.
      I also like that I often accidentally find things out in job – for example, when we were testing the seismometers in our lab we kept getting this odd signal every Sunday – we would see some strong vibration that came from particular directions at certain times of the day. Eventually, we figured out it was church bells ringing – that were vibrating the ground causing our strange signal!